Layout Params in Android Studio

Layout Params in android studio

In this article we will talk about Layout Params in android studio. But first we need to know what is the layouts in android. A layout defines the visual structure for a user interface, such as an activity or widget. Moreover, we need to declare layouts in XML, including screen elements that will appear in it. Futhermore,we can add the code to the application to modify the state of screen objects at runtime, including those declared in XML. Layout Params Every single ViewGroup (e.g. LinearLayout, etc.) needs to store information…

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XML layout Files in Android Studio

XML layout in android studio

Through the previous article we learned the activities and fragments in android studio. In both activities and fragment we used two types of files. The first is for designing the UI which is XML layout file, and the other is for writing the excitable java code. So, in this article it is important to know what is XML files and the language it works with. What is XML? XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. The World Wide Web organization created it to construct a syntax in the way that the…

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