connect android project to firebase

Connect Android Studio Project to Firebase

This tutorial describes how to Connect Android Studio Project to Firebase. Simply, I will Firebase plugin in android studio. However, If you have already installed Firebase plugin in android studio, just scroll down to the second part.

Install Firebase Plugin in Android Studio

Start a new android studio project and after project synchronized successfully open file menu and select setting.

725725Select file menu then settings
install firebase service plugin

Next, From settings window select plugin then marketplace then search for Firbase. Install Firebase Service Plugin. The plugin installation requires to restart android studio IDE. After that open plugins and search for firebsase again to make sure the successful installation. see the following image.

after firebase plugin installation

Close plugins window and then open Tool menu. You will see the firebase tool appears in the menu.

Connect Android Studio Project to Firebase

The next step is to connect android studio project to firebase. Then, select Firebase tool after that you will see the shortcut of Firebase assistant appear on the right side tabs of android studio.

Select any tool in firebase assistant. For example select authentication tool. Then click on Email and Password authentication.

It is important to have Google Developer account activated. Also nice to sign in android studio with this email. Then click on Connect to Firebase Button. after that you will see the following window.

From the above image we have two options to link our android studio project to Firebase. The first option is to create new Firebase project then link android project to it. The second it to link our android project to existing Firebase project. It is important to see that you signed as your developer email as showing in the above image. For this tutorial we will create a new Firebase project to link with it. So, Select the first option and select your country the click on connect to Firebase. After successful connection you will see the following pop message in your android studio.

connect to firebase

Please do not turn of android studio and open Firebase console in your browser then login with the same developer account. You will see in the following image that your android studio application successfully added to Firebase. Congratulations !!!!, You have successfully added the project to Firebase. Click this link to learn how to add Firebase Email Authentication .

android studio project in firebase console

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