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Create An Android Studio Project

Welcome to the first practical android tutorial for beginners. In this article you will learn how to create your first android studio project after Installing Android Studio. In order to create a new android studio project, open android studio. Then, you will see “welcome to android studio” window as following.

create a new android studio project
-Welcome to android studio- window

Next, click on “Create New Project”, a new window will appear. This window contains templates for android studio projects. Such as, Navigation Drawer Template, Google Maps and Simple Login one. We will study these templates later. But for now we need the project template with an empty activity. So, select “Empty Activity” template from the window as following image the click on “Next” button.

select project template
select project template

Configure your project step

application configuration window
application configuration window

The next window will appear to you after selection of project template is project configuration window. In this window you will type your project name and it is better to start with upper case letters and no spaces. The next project requirements is the “Package name”. Package should be unique and with the following format.

This format consists of application domain name which is by default com.example. if you have a domain name you can use it. The second part of package name is your project name with lower case letters. By the way you can change the package name easily for small projects.

After that, you can change the project location to save it. Next select the language and android studio supports the two languages Java and Kotlin.

Minimum SDK Version

Minimum SDK Version, this is the final step. From the Introduction Article we learned that android has passed through different android versions. Each version has its SDK(Service Development Kit) version. when you select the earlier versions your project will cover higher percentage of android devices meaning the your app is allowed to be installed on higher percentage of android devices. You can change the minimum SDK version later after constructing you app. So, click “Finish” button and congratulations you have created your first android project.

new android studio project
New android studio project

The Next Article we will study the Android Studio IDE and Android Project Structure. if you have any question please comment us.

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