MP PhilJay Pie Chart

android MP Philjat Pie chart

Android MP PhilJay Pie Chart Android Studio This tutorial describes how to create Android MP PhilJay Pie Chart Android Studio with MP PhilJay liberary and how to use bar entry from array list. and also describes how to create onClickListenter to show each Pie chart value in alert dialog. also, you will learn how design and show data for each pie slice. like setting the legend, colors, setting X and Y value position. what ever you need inside slice or outside the slice. Android mp philjay charts library is jitpack…

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MP Philjay group Bar Chart with retrofit

MP PhilJay group Bar Chart

Android MP PhilJay Group Bar Chart using Retrofit This Tutorial describes how to create MP PhilJay group bar chart in android using retrofit. In contrast, Most of published tutorials describe group bar chart with a defined number of data sets. Therefore, This tutorial solves the problem of fixed group space and bar width. In contrast, when the user click on button it shows the sales per product per month. Accordingly, we have three data sets. More over, If the user made another click on the button the chart will display…

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